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Originally Posted by MisterB View Post
Except that none of our "infield assets" appear to be a competent, major-league quality shortstop.

By all accounts:
  • Leury doesn't have the arm
  • Semien doesn't have the range
  • Tyler Saladino - despite having a good season so far at Charlotte - has played his way out of prospect status with two straight horrible seasons in '12 and '13
  • Carlos Sanchez is also hitting well, but projects as a utility infielder at best.
There's even questions already about whether Anderson has the arm to stick at SS.
Why does Sanchez only project as a utility infielder? He's now hitting .300+ at AAA, he's younger than Semian,only a year older than Anderson-I thought he was strong defensively and the only real questions was his hitting?

IF we trade TCM- we're writing off being contenders in 2015-2016- there's no way Semian or Anderson (23 errors in 44 games!) will be ready by then- so we'll have wasted 2 years of Sale/Quintana/Abreu, etc.

The Sox will have alot pre-arb starters (Eaton/A. Garcia/Gillaspie/2nd base(TBD))- I think with a solid veteran SS like Ramirez- we can be a contender next year- if we trade him- then we're setting our sights on 2017- and could be headed towards early 1970's attendance levels.

I don't think this is fluke for Alexei- I think it's a combo of experience + no personal issues (murder of his father in law last year) and being re-energized by the signing of Abreu-

I agree we need a #2 starter for the rotation and a true closer (and a LOOGY)- but I think we actually have a pretty good bullpen with Putnam/Petricka/Belisario/Guerra in the other roles.

I agree we need to "sell high"- but I think we have to be careful not to squander the low payroll that Hahn has set up between the young pre-arb players and the (relatively) efficient contracts for Sale, Quintana and Abreu- that low payroll could allow some of the gaps in the team to be addressed by FA in the offseason.
Players that are an important part of the rebuild:
Anderson, Fulmer, Giolito, Lopez, Moncada
Players that might be or could have trade value:
Abreu, Bummer, Castillo, Davidson, Delmonico, A. Garcia, Jones, Sanchez
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