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Originally Posted by MisterB View Post
Except that none of our "infield assets" appear to be a competent, major-league quality shortstop.

By all accounts:
  • Leury doesn't have the arm
  • Semien doesn't have the range
  • Tyler Saladino - despite having a good season so far at Charlotte - has played his way out of prospect status with two straight horrible seasons in '12 and '13
  • Carlos Sanchez is also hitting well, but projects as a utility infielder at best.

There's even questions already about whether Anderson has the arm to stick at SS.
Ramirez is a top flight defensive ss and I see your point about the future but I really dont think that Ramirez has 4 more quality years ahead, maybe two. Right now is the pinnacle of Ramirez career and the Sox are not ready to truly compete yet, you have to sell high.
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