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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
His defense this year is well above average at third base. This isn't 2000 anymore, a plus glove, plus bat, fundamentally sound player is the least of our worries. I don't know, I look at that swing, I think you are selling him short.
I certainly hope you're right, but I think plus bat is a reach. I'd be more enamored if he was more patient, I guess.

And his glove is pretty solid, no doubt, but his range is poor.

Average bat, average glove is probably what I'd say. As a 250-300 PA bench guy, I like him. But as a starter, I'm not that crazy about him.

A 2-month sample is still quite small. Let's not forget the overreactions to the hot starts that Tyler and Tank had, talk of how they'd both turned a corner and all that. Well as should have been expected, they regressed in May -- .208 and .229, respectively.

Not saying that Conor's going to hit .190 in June, but I'm not putting money on him hitting over .300 at season's end. Do we have bigger holes on this club? Of course. But as I see it third base is still a position that needs to be addressed at some point.
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