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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
Conor is the real deal...that stroke does not lie.

He is part of a future rotation at third base with Davidson.
He can also play 1st base in a pinch.

Conor G. is solid,and should be around for awhile.
Once Davidson shows he can hit rightys, then maybe Conor goes to 1st base and Abreu is DH.

As for Semian, I like having him go down and work on his batting average and outfielding....holding pattern until July, when the Sox may be dealing middle infielders.
How are we defining "Real deal?" When his hitting comes back to earth, what we've got is likely a ~.280 hitter without much power. Nice bench guy, but not a starter at a CI position on a good team unless he's a gold glover, which Conor isn't.
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