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Originally Posted by chisox59 View Post
It's not internet speed exclusively. It can also be dependent on the amount of RAM your PC has. I was in the same boat as far as far as seeing the wheel and being constantly told it was buffering. My old PC only had 328 meg of RAM. It just kept getting worse as the technology used to provide the feed changed. It wasn't long before I found it useless to try and watch a video of any type unless it was from a disc in my dvd drive. I replaced my PC this year wth one that has 8 GB of RAM and watching videos is again no problem.

I had another problem with my mobile device. My kids had bought me an IPOD Touch a few years ago. I downloaded the AT BAT app to it and was able to use the wireless in the house to listen to the Sox with MLB Audio while I went about my business. The last two years I haven't been able to do that. My IPOD Touch has been upgraded software wise as far as it can go but when I try and add apps to it including AT BAT I'm told I need an upgraded version of software in order to do this. Since that's not available for my device I'm out of luck. Technology is great but it leaves a lot of us behind unless we have the resources to keep upgrading or replacing what we have.

We bought a smart TV last year and use it to watch Netflix. It also has a link to MLB.TV which I may have to use. The kicker with MLB.TV is that if you want to listen to the Sox announcers rather than the opposition you have to buy the premium package which is $20-25 more than the basic one per year. The basic package only gives you one feed and it's their discretion whether it's the Sox or the opponent.
Put the radio feed on your computer and watch the game on mute on the TV.

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