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Originally Posted by BRDSR View Post
The White Sox have hovered around .500 all season. In fact, not counting when they were 0-0, they have found themselves at exactly .500 on 16 different occasions so far this season.
Since the original post, the Sox have won, lost, lost, and won, giving them two more (18 total) different occasions at exactly .500 this season. In addition, they've been within one game of .500 on 26 different occasions, meaning they've been at .500 or within a game of .500 going into 44 of 58 (76%) games so far this season. They've never been more than two games over .500 or three games under .500.

This type of hovering cannot be common. Any thoughts on whether it's anything more than a statistical anomaly or whether there might be more to it? I'd be curious to see how other teams with similar first two months of the season have fared in the remaining four.
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