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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
I was curious about this so I went back and looked through the records for the past five full seasons, 2009-2013.

The only season out of the five when the Sox played better against teams over .500 than against teams with losing records was 2009, that may be where the assumption began.

The other four years the Sox winning percentage against losing teams was higher than against teams who finished the year with a winning record.

Not saying the number of losses to losing teams didn't cost them dearly when it came to potentially making the playoffs or at least having a winning record but the numbers say they have usually played better against teams with losing records at year's least for the past five years.

I think the assumption has been around long before 2009, and it's an assumption I've heard among other fanbases. I've heard it in Oakland among A's fans while leaving the stadium after one of those infrequent White Sox wins in Oakland. I think it's about observational bias, just as you can show fans a list of all the starting pitchers the White Sox have beaten the first time they've seen them and you'll still hear that the White Sox (most teams according to their fans, really) never beat pitchers they haven't seen before.

Any pitcher a team hasn't seen before is an upstart who should be beaten, and you remember it when they don't. Any team with a losing record with a losing record should lose to your team, and you remember it when they don't.
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