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Originally Posted by jfinsocal View Post
The Clippers sold for 2 billion largely because people watching sports on TV are watching live and thus are forced to watch commercials. Many if not most, fast forward through commercials on sitcoms and the like. Looking forward, almost all revenue for TV will be based on sub fees, like SiriusXM. Maybe the distributors influenced this decision?
That's the model that the Dodgers, Rangers and others are working with now. If a la carte cable (where you pay for only what you want rather than what you get with three or four packages) were to become law, this ballgame is over and they're back to Sportsvision. The billions being paid for sports franchises is nuts and can't be sustained if the current cable model collapses. Even without legislation you hear of people cutting the cable cord and getting all the programming they want via Netflix, Roku and over the net.
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