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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Very bad decision. If the execs think anybody is going to watch 10 year old reruns of "America's Funniest Video's", or shows like How I Met Your Mother they are in for a rude awakening.

WGN got a national reputation because of their sports first and foremost not the other stuff they are running. Take that out of the equation and they are going to have some very rough times.

Oh for the good old days when the Yankees, Red Sox, Braves, Cubs, White Sox, Rangers, Rockies ad Dodgers were all on Superstations.

The MLB Extra innings package is simply to expensive for me so I'm S.O.L. I guess.


I know baseball has been trying for a couple of decades to get rid of the baseball superstations. I heard Jerry Reinsdorf tell an audience a few years ago that he didn't like the idea of the Sox being on a superstation, but WGN was the best Chicago station to be on. Still, I am guessing the decision by WGN to pull sports off of WGN America was made by WGN because it would result in being more profitable for the station. I have found that American business rarely considers what is best specifically for me in making business decisions.

I haven't seen WGN for years because since I left Wisconsin in July 2003, WGN hasn't been offered by the local cable companies where I have lived, but I understand if has a lot less baseball than it used to. Before I moved to Wisconsin, I hadn't lived anywhere where WGN was available on cable television for almost two decades. I asked local cable GMs why they didn't carry WGN, and I was told the station had too much Chicago sports. Obviously, I was asking because I wanted to see the White Sox games WGN was carrying.

I don't know how the business of cable television works, how they make money, what costs them money, but I am guessing that the decision was made because dropping Chicago sports from national cable distribution would put them in a better financial position than continuing to run Chicago sports for national cable distribution.
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