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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
There may be some truth to the previous comments about wanting to keep attendance low but that seems in contrast to what Bob Grim told me when I interviewed him for the web site.

He said JR had him and Howard Pizer look at all the schedules and make a list of things the Sox found unacceptable. Those were passed on to JR according to Bob supposedly then passed along to MLB.

Among the issues Bob discussed were not playing Milwaukee enough in inter league play and not getting the Yankees on weekends in the summer when school was out. (Bob used the example of when the Indians were struggling attendance-wise MLB went out of their way to help them.)

The Sox have lost attendance from the previous season seven straight years, first time that's ever happened. The schedule and by proxy MLB doesn't seem to care as they keep giving the Sox a bunch of home games in April in terrible weather and this year they have the Sox having playing Boston, the Yankees and the Cubs all before Memorial Day.

At least someone else is noticing this fact
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