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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Since when he whined?

He's playing 1B because he's the best option between a hurt Abreu and Paul Konerko who really should not be on the team
I don't recall any whining from Dunn either. Up until yesterday, Dunn's defense surprisingly hasn't really hurt us. However, that throw was pretty brutal yesterday and probably cost Belisario a save.

Originally Posted by SoxFanCPA View Post
Is the Belisario nonsense over yet?
To be fair, Belisario would have gotten that save if it wasn't for Dunn's error. I also found Robin's decision to intentionally walk Giambi to be questionable. Yan Gomes is clearly the superior hitter but because Giambi has been a Sox killer, he chose to have Belisario face Gomes who is hits about .100 points higher than Giambi. It's also never a good idea to put the go ahead run on base. It's one thing to not let a guy like Miguel Cabrera or Mike Trout beat you. In a situation like that, I would approve of the IBB. However, the 43 year old Giambi is another matter. Although, to be a closer, Belisario is going to have to pitch over mistakes like this sometimes. The pitch to Gomes was a fastball that he left out over the plate.
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