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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
This is kind of hypocritical, is it not? You're essentially saying when other people voice an opinion on a certain topic that you disagree with, that qualifies as "cyber-bullying" but when you dictate to people how they are allowed to react to things as being "the PC Police," that's just fine and dandy.

FWIW, I'm not personally offended by what the Sox tweeted, I have pretty thick skin and I try not to let stuff get to me like that, BUT I can also understand how some people might interpret that as, if not offesive, at least in poor taste.
The PC police are often Cyber Bullies that deem something offensive or too unconventional, then take to the internet to blast the person, often jumping to irrational conclusions without putting the "offensive" comment or action in it's proper context. There is a group think mentality as opposed to a free mind mentality.

Memorial Day is what it is, but to a lot of people it's the Indy 500 weekend, others it's grilling with family, others it's a chance to pay homage to soldiers that have died in the line of duty. Free minds can except whatever they want that weekend to be.