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Originally Posted by gobears1987 View Post
July 4th is for celebrating America. Memorial Day is for remembering those who perished.

The fact that people don't get this is mind boggling. You don't see Commonwealth countries celebrating with drunken parties on November 11th (Remembrance Day for them).
Once upon a time Memorial (Decoration) Day was about remembering those who died in the Civil War, which took the dead of both sides of the conflict into account. The same was true for Veterans (Armistice) Day - it was about remembering all who died in the Great War. Both of those remembrances have been radically altered in the U.S. - Veterans Day even more so.

Now Memorial Day is about remembering all dead American soldiers. Isn't remembering America's war dead while not pausing to give a **** about who might have died on the other side of the wars America has been in tantamount to celebrating America? It's civil religion in the U.S.; the various holidays attached to it all have the same ultimate meaning - celebrating this country.