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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
Paulino has a 14.00+ ERA at AAA,and Johnson got hammered last night (still maxing out at 88-90 mph)- so I doubt they are going anywhere any time soon- especially with the way Rienzo/Noesi/Carroll have pitched (with one going down when Sale returns).
Rienzo has pitched well enough as has Noesi, who the Sox really seem to like. Carroll, on the other hand, has no business on the MLB roster and should be sent down shortly if they don't wait until his next start. Nice story, but a short one.

It should be noted that Johnson didn't get hammered last night at all. Buffalo had a BABIP of .529 with a couple of infield hits. He also stuck out seven and walked none over 6 innings. In his three starts, he has a 17/2 K/BB ratio in 19 innings and a 2.84 ERA despite his horrible luck. Johnson can get AAA hitters out. This is the year our top pitching prospect needs to get his work in.

His velocity is concerning but I say that from his time in the majors. His readings in AAA can't be relied on from what I've read. Supposedly off a tick or two. Regardless, learning to pitch with a little less velocity can only help moving forward. His problem was throwing strikes and it's pretty obvious he was throwing scared. There's no reason to think he won't get his velocity back, he needs to work on pitching and throwing strikes, not worry about his velocity.
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