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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
LOL, he threw the 5th most innings in the AL last season, lead the league in complete games and is by any metric one of the 2-3 best pitchers in the American League, but yeah, he's got to get better.
Obviously, Sale wasn't the best pitcher in his last start because he was the pitcher who didn't stay around to hive his team a chance to win.

My argument isn't that Sale isn't a good pitcher. My argument is that leaving him in to throw 127 pitches isn't a crime against nature.

I have no problem with the amount of work Sale got last year, as some seem to. Throwing 127 pitches last week shouldn't have put him on the disabled list, although in this case it seems to be to give him a rest instead of healing damage. Throwing 127 pitches in a pitchers'' duel is something you should expect your big-game pitcher to do. Last night Verlander stayed in the game against the Sox to throw 119 pitches when he had a six-run lead. And he wasn't pitching nearly as well as Sale was pitching last week.

If Sale's innings are going to be limited this year because he is throwing so many pitches, he will need to work to get hitters out earlier in the count.
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