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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
That one particular performance may not have caused the problem. The difference between going 105 pitches vs 127 is not that great when you consider the stress he's putting on his body in the type of games he's pitching on a consistent basis. It's probably something that's been building up over time. Either way, it is terrible news.
This is the most sensible post I've read in this thread. And, realistically, if throwing 127 pitches, with minimal work out of the stretch is going to be a problem, and it only gets a pitcher giving up just one run through six innings, some of the blame has to go to the pitcher, who knew that to win the game he was going to have to go deep into the start after the 14-inning loss the night before.

I can't blame Ventura for bringing Sale in for the sixth. I don't know where, at what specific point in the sixth I can blame Ventura for not going to the overworked bullpen. And I'm not so sure Sale would have been better for it.

Striking out hitters can run up your pitch count. If that is going to be an issue relating to the health of your arm, you need to find a more economical way to get hitters out. In this age when pitchers pithces are being counted, I find I'm more impressed with pitchers who get outs to contact and go deeper in the game.
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