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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
This has the makings of another marketing disaster.

You are using the name of a Top 5 talent at his position to fill seats in an awful section of the stadium and it's going to be only about half full.

So, how many people buying a cheaper ticket in that section would rather stick out and get a crappy $5 shirt vs moving to seats which will be open behind the dugout?

So you turn your shirt inside out so you don't get busted?
I don't think this will be a marketing disaster. The people who care to sit there will sit there and wear their shirts and wave their K signs. Who cares if seven rows at the back are empty? The folks who are sitting there will have fun. The folks who aren't sitting there won't care. Where is the negative consequence to a few empty seats in the back of a corner outfield section?
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