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Originally Posted by SaltyPretzel View Post
If the Tigers move to the East, they should move the Brewers back to the AL Central so Sox fans can have at least a division rival within a reasonable driving distance.

I'm still pissed they moved to the NL. I think they're regretting the move with all the d-bag fans that invade Miller Park.
Not in the least. From a front office standpoint, it gave Milwaukee that many more sell outs during the bad years. It also helped create a rivalry with the cubs from a brewers standpoint(less so now that the cubs are terrible). Now that the team has regained the trust of the fan base, brewer fans have been the ones invading Wrigley, and the team has monster attendance numbers. Due to jumping around between divisions so much, the brewers have never really had a real rivalry with any regional teams. How many years were the Brewers and White Sox in the same division? 4 years in the 90s and 2 in the 70s? My father considered the Orioles rival the brewers main rival in the AL due to competing with them for the division in the late 70s/80s. I think that speaks volumes about our lack of rivals.

The brewers have been in the NL central for 17 years now, the majority of the fans under 30 barely remember their AL days, and the old timers have always considered Milwaukee an NL city. By 2020 the brewers will have spent more time in the NLC than any other division. The Brewers want nothing to do with the AL anymore.
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