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Originally Posted by Red Barchetta View Post
I understand that no one would wear this merchandise as a tribute to JR, it's just that the SOX organization has decided that this is "the" alternate jersey, cap, etc. to promote. My question is that with such a rich tradition of diverse uniforms, some great and some not so great, why do they continue to promote this particular uniform style?
I think it's sort of just a general nostalgia for the era that goes through all of baseball (examples: Milwaukee and Toronto have/had very similar programs of bringing back their 80s era uniforms, and Toronto went as far as switching back to a modernized version full-time, the O's went back to a 80s-like hat logo, and Tampa Bay even made a fake "1979" throwback). It helps that there's the hook of winning the division (which is why it's always a "1983" throwback even though they wore the same uniform, give or take a patch, for give years), but I really think it might have been a thing anyway.

As for other uniforms, yes, we've had some good ones (and I would love if some anniversary year we do something similar to what the Cubs are doing this year), but I don't think you can really make the argument that any other one is as distinctive and different (and therefore as likely to help sales and get new fans interested) as 1983.
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