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Originally Posted by anewman35 View Post
I guess it all depends on what kind of fan you talk to. I doubt older fans (or even people who were adults in 1983) are huge fans of those 1983 uniforms, but I know lots of younger people who like them a lot (and I see them wear a lot of the stuff). I have no idea if JR has a soft spot for them or not, but I can promise you that the people who wear the stuff actually like it, they're not doing it out of some sort of tribute to JR.
I'm 32, so I was a baby in 1983. I think for most of my peers, and myself, the 83 jerseys are something of a novelty -- they're so unique, and they're "retro" without being so old that they're of another time. That said, as they've become ubiquitous, they're beginning to lose their novelty. I can't speak for the 40+ crowd or the youngins, but for 30-somethings, I think the Sox are verging on running this one into the ground pretty soon.
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