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Originally Posted by Viva Medias B's View Post
The Green Bay Packers are the best known example of a team that is publically owned. The shares of the Packers stock is not like stock on the NYSE or NASDAQ. Shares do not appreciate or depreciate in value, and stockholders cannot capitally gain from them. I would imagine that if the Cubs were to make an IPO, it would be along these lines.
This isn't public ownership, though, this would just be the opportunity to buy shares of a privately held company. At least those who own Packers stock are invited to annual meeting and can vote on who is in charge of the team (a situation not unlike how the two big Spanish soccer teams, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, operate).

This, as I understand it, is even more meaningless than owning Packers stock. Whatever perks it entails, if any, is up to the sole discretion of the majority owners, in this case the Ricketts. As the story mentions, it is not unlike how Reinsdorf controls the Bulls and White Sox, as the managing partner of a limited number of minority partners (who owns how many shares is a bit of a mystery). It's unclear to me whether the Ricketts are seeking to sell small souvenir shares, if you will, of say a few hundred dollars a piece, or more substantial minority shares as with the many owners of the Bulls and Sox.
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