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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
Bravo!!!!! Bravo!!!!!
Couldn't agree more. That has been copied and sent off to a few people.

Some memories from my 38 Opening Days:

Best game: 1978 The aforementioned Blomberg home run. Tied with 2005 Buehrle 2 hitter.
Worst game: 1991. The first game at New Comiskey lost 16-0.
Coolest game: 2006. Banner raising ceremony.
Best pitching performance: 2005. Buehrle 2 hitter.
Best weather: 1985. Upper 70's. Tied with 2010 mid 70's and Sunny.
Worst weather: 1982 10 inch snowstorm cancels Opener Opener not played until April 17th.
Worst weather with game played: 1979. Low 30's drizzle and sleet.
Most bizarre day: 1992. Downtown freight tunnel flood.
Never saw that coming: 1988. Kenny Williams hits game winning home run.
Best play: 2010. Buehrle through his legs to Paulie's.
Grand slams: 1981 Fisk. 2008. Crede.
Biggest crowd: 1981 51,560.
Final 2016 Home attendance record 10-11.
Road attendance record 1-0.
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