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Default A 2014 Ballad

Two Days 'til Opening Day!

Ah, the time draws nigh for Opening Day! Not soon enough, but soon. New seasons bring out the song in all of us. Join me in an overpriced plastic cup of beer as we sing limericks to the 2014 White Sox:

There once was a team in Chicago
Whose fans had resolved to embargo,
Until it was shown
That some talent was grown,
And Rick Hahn had shown some bravado.

So off he began to pursue
New players who could hit and who threw
Better than those
When we held our nose,
Watching that old team we knew.

Matt Thornton was sent off to Boston.
His pitching was often exhaustin’.
Fastballs galore,
Hitters ran up the score,
Feasting on meatballs he’s tossin’.

And down in the Tampa Bay sands,
They took Jesse Crain off our hands.
We’ll miss him, we knew,
But after review
He just didn’t fit in our plans.

The paycheck to Peavy was costin’
So Hahn sent ol' Jake off to Boston.
At first it seemed weird,
But when smoke had all cleared,
Avi Garcia was tossed in.

The Sox found themselves often beaten
By clumsy and clueless outfieldin’.
DeAza should sit
When fly balls get hit,
So Hahn got instead Adam Eaton

And now we begin a new season.
We’ll come if we’re given a reason.
We still have Chris Sale
And the Sox will unveil
A lineup Hahn hopes we find pleasin’.

See you at the ballpark!
- tebman
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