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Originally Posted by anewman35 View Post
I guess this thread is as good a place as any to mention the "2014 Ballpark Recommendations & Policies" that the Sox just posted at (I'd give the entire link but it keeps giving me error messages when I try to)

There's some interesting stuff that I'm not entirely sure we knew involving stuff like parking prices and new security, but I'm particularly interested in this:

So that implies that (for the first time in years, unless I'm out of the loop) the policy will NOT be in the place during the rest of the season, right?
I think this is one of the dumbest things the Sox do. There is a lot stuff on the main concourse that that UD tix / people can't get to. Just plain dumb. I have been to 36 major league parks and they are the only ones do something like that with the exceptions of you can't into the outfield seats / level if you have tix anywhere else in Fenway, Wrigley and County Stadium.
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