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Originally Posted by 34 Inch Stick View Post
It really does seem that the entire food truck concept has been turned on its head. Presumably, food trucks should provide quick and inexpensive food because the overhead is much smaller. Instead, the food trucks I have seen charge more than a comparable product from a bricks and mortar place for food that was cooked earlier in the day.
Trucks are allowed to cook on board now

Originally Posted by WhiffleBall View Post
I agree. I'm yet to find any type of bargain item at any of these food trucks. The variety is great but many charge Taste of Chicago prices. There are too many options at least in the Loop that are the same price or even lower that are just as good if not better.
I guess I disagree, yes the trucks will be more expensive than places like Jimmy John's or whatever, but why would anyone want to eat there? Granted, I usually stick to the staple trucks I have found that I like, but I think their food is comparable in quality and price to competitors.

Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
You have to pay $10 before you can buy food from a truck. Uh, no thanks.
I went to a food truck gathering last summer on Goose Island and it was great. Same deal, $10 to enter, but due to the restrictive nature of the city's truck ordinance, it's rare to find more than a couple of trucks in one spot at a time. But there were like 25 or so trucks present so the variety was excellent and I got to try a bunch of different ones I hadn't before.

Really, it's not that much different than some of the various street fests around town, only with a better variety and quality of eats.

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