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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
That's like eating 4 pints of B&J in one sitting. I have no doubt there are people on these forums who can do that, but I doubt they will be happy afterwards. In the past when I've been at peak weight and able to eat a lot more than I do/can now, 3 pounds at one time was pushing my limits hard. Remember that doesn't include the liquids you consume which add a pound for every pint you consume also, so if you have 2 bears with this sundae you are at 5 pounds in your belly. Most people will be in at least moderate distress if they do that.

Trust me, I speak from experience on this matter...
I can down a pint container of BJs in under 20 minutes and not feel queasy at all, which is making me curious and actually considering challenging myself to eating that sundae on my own. I think I could hold my own.
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