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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
No surprise here to see you failing to either thoroughly read or bother to comprehend my post but if you did you'd note that I never made any mention of his defense because I agree he stinks in the field.

But the bottom line is that Dunn was still the most effective offensive player the Sox had all last season. This of course, speaks to how wretchedly terrible the Sox were as an offensive unit last season. You're free to go around pretending like it's not true, but it sadly is. Konerko was worse. Beckham was worse. Viciedo was worse. De Aza was worse. Alexei was worse. Flowers was worse. Keppinger was worse. The argument here isn't Adam Dunn vs. AL Average DH, the argument is Adam Dunn vs. the rest of the miserable stiffs in this organization, the Sox clearly had no other player last year of putting up even league average offensive production. I'm not suggesting they would have plummeted and made up the 12 games they had on Houston for worst record in the league, but take Dunn away from the team last year and they would have surely been worse. Numbers don't lie.
Alexei, Gordon, and De Aza were all better than Dunn last year if you go by oWar. Alexei is easily the best position player on the team. Otherwise, I agree with you, Dunn made that particular team better, but on a dollar per WAR basis, he's awful.
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