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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
This is 2014 with new hopes, new dreams AND new White Sox players. We have Garcia, Eaton and Abreau in our Opening day lineup this year. 3 years of Adam Dunn is enough. The team would be better off at DH with a rotating crew of Konerko, Viciedo and DeAza. All three of these guys are better than Dunn. I'm still hoping Dunn won't be with the White Sox on Opening Day 2014.
You do realize dunn cleared waivers last year and no one claimed him? Suddenly now after telling the media he did the same thing this off season as he has done in all his previous off season and then proceeded to have a bad spring training, some team is willing to take him off the Sox hands? Please let it rest, the Sox will not salt and pepper his contact at this point and hes on the roster.
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