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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
2014 is Beckham's last kick at the can with the White Sox. He's out of mulligans. If he's injured, bad, or some combination of injured and bad this year, he won't be here in 2015. The Sox have organizational depth at 2B. Gordon is going to find himself expendable if he doesn't get healthy and start producing.
Agreed. Semien looks ready and Micah Johnson and Carlos Sanchez are knocking on the door. There are also lot of contending clubs looking for middle infield help due to injuries. The Rangers have lost Profar for at least 3 months, the Tigers have lost Iglesias for the season, and Brendan Ryan doesn't have a return time table in NY right now. Not to mention that the Jays have been linked to Beckham rumors in previous months. The Sox could decide Beckham is expendable regardless of how he plays this year if the right deal presents itself. If Semien gets off to a hot start and Beckham's oblique injury lingers, it will be interesting to see how Robin handles playing time when he comes off the DL.
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