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Originally Posted by ricker182 View Post
Oh Boy.... This is an average starting rotation that has the possibility to turn into a disaster really quickly.
I think the rotation is better than you think. Sale is a Cy Young candidate, Quintana is above average with a nice repeatable delivery, Danks looks to have his velocity back, and young Erik Johnson showed a lot of promise last September. The big wild card in our rotation is Paulino who has great stuff with erratic control. If things go poorly, he will be gone quickly and Rienzo likely slides right into his spot. If he does well, he has the chance to be this year's poster boy for Cooper Reclamation Projects, LLC and a potential trade chip if the Sox fall out of contention.

Also, it's not like other teams in the AL don't have rotation question marks. Last year's wild card team, the Indians, are set to feature a rotation of Masterson, Kluber, McAllister, Salazar, and Tomlin. Doesn't exactly make me quake in fear. Obviously, the rotations of the powerhouses like the Tigers and Red Sox are deeper than us, but let's not pretend the White Sox are throwing out a terrible rotation. As always, it is the offense that will make this team sink or swim. The pitching has historically been competitive during the Cooper era.
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