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Originally Posted by DeadMoney View Post
Meh - I figure we'll be slightly better than last year, and I guess technically 97 losses would fit into that criteria (although i envision us around 90 or so, give or take).

Also, who is Freddie Paulino!?
The SI pitching rundown was pretty lazy. First there was the obvious mistake of calling Felipe Paulino "Freddie". Then he makes a bunch of generalized comments with nothing to back up what he is saying. For example, he opines that "Erik Johnson shows promise but isn't ready to make an impact". Ooookay...based on what? I thought Jonah Keri's rundown had more thought and substance than this SI piece. I have no problem if a writer has a negative or positive opinion on our pitching staff but at least back up what you are saying rather than making general comments.
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