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Originally Posted by DeadMoney View Post
I'm not sure why this hasn't become obvious, but they don't really care.

Look at the price of Opening Day versus the price of the other games that week. In many cases, if they sell 1 ticket in many of those sections, it equals the value of 2-4 on other days. When they're raising prices closer to games, they can better anticipate and forecast things like staff needed on hand, food preparation necessary, etc. And honestly, when the difference in the revenue of 400 walkups (with "dynamic" pricing) to 1200-1500 walkups (with budget/cheaper pricing) is nothing - while they get to save on additional costs around the park - why should they care?

Additionally, since the Sox are now required to be paying more to the ISFA for tickets sold over 1,925,000 per season, what is the incentive to sell more? Look at their attendances the last few years - 1,768,413, 1,965,955, 2,001,117. When taking comp tickets into consideration, they always fall below that 1,925,000 threshold and don't have to kick in that extra $3 per ticket (for how many paid tickets were sold over 1,925,000).

Now theoretically, everyone involved should be at least attempting to get them AS CLOSE to the 1,925,000 number as humanly possible as that would obviously maximize their revenue, but at the end of the day I'm convinced that everyone over at 35th and Shields just doesn't care. They know they'll get their 1.5 million fans regardless, and in the process they'll continue stuffing the pockets of their investors.
Thanks for that article. I had never seen it before. I agree with your first paragraph on pricing more in-demand games higher.

But to answer the question in your second paragraph "what is the incentive to sell more?" it seems to me that there is still an incentive to sell as many tickets as possible. Assuming an average ticket price of $20, they would still be making $17/ticket after they paid the state the extra $3.
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