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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
It's just funny to me. When Addison Reed was here, few trusted him. He made people "nervous." Some wanted Jones to be the closer. Now that he's been dealt, we "wasted his trade value."

IMO, closers are vastly overrated in terms of their importance by fans and media alike. If you can get a potential everyday solution at a position of need in exchange for your closer, you make that trade every single time.

I hope people know Nate Jones is going to suck in the closer's role. Don't be surprised the first time he walks the bases loaded and gives up a grand slam. It will happen There are going to be some spectacular implosions if he is named closer. The good news is it really doesn't matter. This is a rebuilding year anyway, and Jones is just going to be a ninth inning placeholder until Webb matures into the role.
Dont be surprised when you see Lindstrom get a nice opportunity as closer. This would make him more valuable at the trade deadline.
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