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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
We'll see- Hahn is doing his best to convert the current talent on the roster to pieces that can be part of the future version of the team- I'd rather hold on to the three we're discussing to give us the best chance to get talent in return- vs. dumping them.

Personally- I think De Aza is going to have a very good year, it's way too early to give up on Viciedo (injuries impacted him in 2013, he had a very good season for his age in 2012), Beckham looks injury prone - I would have thought his defense might make him an option for a contender who needs to plug a hole at 2nd base- but probably not.

I WOULD dump Dunn- I don't think there's any market for a 34 yo, platoon DH (vs. RHs only)- and I think he does real damage to this team for the 3-4 months we hang on to him hoping we can get something of value in return. He had a good run from June- August last year- but then dropped to .159 in September and he's stinking it up in spring training.
It's really not in the White Sox to eat money, and Dunn money is substantial.

But I agree with you, there is no hope in that guy.
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