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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
How much money was tied up in Boggs with the minor league contract he had signed? I'm assuming that was a small gamble to take.
I don't think it was a minor league deal. It was a one-year, $1.1 million contract. So, the Sox eat $1.1 million. I'm a little bit surprised by the move. I figured Boggs would be responsible for five or six April losses before the Sox wised up and cut him. I'm pleased they cut their losses now. It is clear he no longer has it and can't help the team.

I was more surprised they sent down Danks, who has had an excellent spring. Guess they just couldn't find a suitable deal to move either De Aza or Viciedo. I imagine other GMs were thinking the Sox were wanting to make a move there, and thus they were trying to rip Hahn off. No point in making a deal just to make a deal. If there isn't one that helps the team, you stand pat.
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