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Default The Impossible Dream.

I'm a believer in the Impossible Dream. You have to dream big in life and think positive, otherwise you can become another Jay Mariotti. I said earlier that the White Sox will finish 100-62. I would like to change my prediction. I feel they will finish 106-56. It will be easy to achieve that this season. I firmly believe A. Garcia is the real deal in right field. With the additions of Eaton, Abreu and Davidson the White Sox have a great core of players who will contribute big time in 2014. I like our first 3 starting pitchers of Sale, Quintana and Johnson. John Danks will make a great comeback this year and Paulino will give the White Sox a solid 5th starter. When all of this happens this year I figure making the 2014 Playoffs will be easy. The White Sox will be one of the big stories in baseball in 2014.
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