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Originally Posted by Boondock Saint View Post
The movie Major League came out in 1989. Our video board in left field in 2014 is comparable to the video board in that movie.
To be fair, the left field board ISN'T a video board and isn't meant to be - it's for game information, which doesn't strictly REQUIRE video. I'm sure the actual video board in center is better than anything in Major League.

That said, I fully agree that the scoreboard situation needs a major upgrade. Just don't think it's fair to compare our secondary board to a main board in 1989.

It's probably a sad statement, but I'm not even sure how much upgraded video stuff would help, because I don't trust the team to actually use it in a manner that makes any sense, they'd probably just cover it all with ads and not display a whole lot more info than they do now...
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