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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
They need to upgrade the board in LF that's the same cheap-o white lights board that was there when the park was buitl 25 years ago.

I'm sure it was awesome in 1991 but COME THE **** ON
I'm in agreement with you that the dot matrix board is now dated looking but I'm pretty sure that is not the same one that the park opened with. If memory serves, they replaced it around 2002. I believe it was part of the update package they wanted to have done before the All Star Game in 2003. Like the original one, the newer board is also monochrome dot matrix but it is bigger and has a higher resolution than the old one did. The old one was square in the center and had vertical "slots" for the lineups on each end of the square with only room for that player's jersey number in the lineup along with a small light bulb that let you know which player was up to bat. The newer one is completely rectangular and displays the full name of the player along with the number and is highlighted by the dot matrix board itself.

Below is a photo of the left field board taken in the early 90s with the square center and the "number slots" for the lineups:

Here is a newer photo with our current LF dot matrix board:

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