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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
When it comes to the whole scoreboard topic- I would love to see a significant renovation to entire outfield concourse area:
  1. Keep the fundamentals area (maybe put in permanent signage vs. the vinyl stuff they put out there each year)
  2. Replace the "tinker toy" and billboard look with a look that includes the arches from Old Comiskey (and the exterior windows of the new park)- you can still have advertising within the arches, etc.
  3. Install a primary scoreboard that is the modern version of the iconic center field scoreboard from old Comiskey- either in straightaway center or if that doesn't work (due to the Fan Deck)- in LF like they have at Comerica Park or Progressive Field.
  4. Include an area that will be the permanent home for displaying the retired numbers and relocate the "White Sox Hall of Fame/Museum" to this area
Possibly fund it through a naming rights deal- the United Airlines Concourse, etc.

The beauty of the original board was that it was the focal point of the old ballpark. Veeck was inspired by a pinball machine that erupted in a scene in the play "The Time Of Your Life" by William Saroyan. 54 years ago it was high-flying technology.

It behaved crazily like a pinball machine too, which is what made it so much fun. The light and firework patterns were randomized so it didn't blow up the same way every time. The Sox-O-Gram was a novelty too.

The advertisers on the board paid for it within three years, according to Veeck's book. It didn't cost the Sox anything except some annoyed opponents. With the display technology avaialable today, I don't understand why the Sox haven't jumped on their legacy and brought that goofiness back. Sponsors still exist, and they could pay for a pinball machine/video game/cannonade contraption that could also display all the game data anyone would need.

I don't get it. The Sox should've been all over this years ago.
- tebman
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