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I've been to over 100 games in the past two seasons. My only complaint would be the ushers checking tickets in the 7th inning. At that point, who cares?

Not sure what people expect from folks that make minimum wage. It's a very thankless job and most people are far too critical for their own good. The usher in the uppers behind home (black guy with braids) is the best damn usher I have ever seen. He CARES. He's also not 18. At 18, I did my job and went home. Did I understand the concept of customer service? Hell no. My best experiences with folks in customer service are usually with older folks. They get it, the young kids don't. James the margarita guy is awesome. Ho the Hotdog Lady (RIP) was pretty awesome too. Nelson is a great beer vendor. The woman who makes the beef sandwiches under the scoreboard, top notch. Great customer service and always has quite the conversation going with many folks. The family that runs the craft beer station in right, awesome as ever.

I once meet up with some folks in a suite, they had the pass in the suite, I was waiting at the entrance for them to come down. A lady asked me who I was waiting for, then escorted me to the suite (through many back areas) so my friend didn't have to come down. She was a nice lady too.

I haven't really had many bad experiences at the park. Do I have to wait for my drink sometimes? Yeah. My food? Yeah. But unless I am making it, I have to wait anyways. You can always bring your own food and not have to hassle with people.

I think it has to be rough to staff a 6 month part time job. Especially one that doesn't pay very well. I managed a security crew at McCormick, I would have people begging for work, then not show up to their shift. And we paid $10 an hour! You need a good staff leader who understands how to keep their employee's happy and motivated. I am sure the apathy runs rampant with both the employees and the managers. It starts at the top, both the good and the bad.

I like the new ad. I look forward to the next one when some of the new talent makes a name for themselves.
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