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Originally Posted by soxnut67 View Post
Is it the style that is appealing or is it the color scheme? For me its the color scheme. Id actually like to see the current style minus pinstripes with the 83 color scheme and piping. And have the current unis be the sunday alternate .
This is probably one of the best ideas I've read in a long time. Some nice "home whites" used only for Sundays that keep the current, Old English logo, but add the navy/red 83' color scheme. All white uniforms with the navy/red piping on the pants and jerseys plus navy caps with red bills would look great IMO. This would offer the SOX marketing the alternative color option they want to drive merchandise sales while not replicating the actual design of the 83 uniforms which IMO look horrible dated based on today's uniform styles. What worked in 1983 does not work today with belt loops, baggy long pants and not stirrups.

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