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Originally Posted by DumpJerry View Post
I've been to hundreds, probably well over a 1,000 Sox games at home. I have never seen negative attitudes (or "scowls") from the employees. Of course, I'm not a prima donna who expects the gate employees to greet me by name, compliment me on my haircut, ask how the family is doing, offer to escort me to my seat, get my food and drink for me or perform other "favors" to make sure I'm happy.

I guess you're just talking generally the gate (and other employees) should be welcoming but are not talking specifically about how it is to attend a Sox game.

This is my experience as well. Not a single issue in over 30 years of attendance. I have always been treated well by all employees at the park without reservation. I queried my fellow ST partners and none of them had anything negative to say. The only time I have heard of it is on WSI which isn't to say it isn't true but that perhaps it isn't as prevalent as everyone thinks it is.
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