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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
I agree, the vendors are great but the ushers and the people working behind the counters are at best useless and at worst, flat out rude. Of course, I'm the kind of fan where I don't mind that because I am going to go to the games regardless - but if I have a family of four and I'm not really much of a White Sox fan and that is my experience at the ballpark, I am probably not likely to go back unless the team is real good.

Diehards like us WSIers will go to games regardless. But if you want to grow the fan base, you have to win over the casual fan that may care a little less whether the Sox win or lose, but will judge whether they come back on the entire game experience. And I don't mean adding things to do like Fundamentals - I'm talking about basic friendly customer service. There really is no excuse to having rude or clueless employees at all.

Back to the original topic: Saw the ad; my original impression was "meh". But I didn't expect much. Last year's team was a train wreck, can't build off of that hot mess. The new campaign is pretty benign, I guess. I like humorous ads because I like people that don't take themselves too seriously....just my own personal preference.