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Originally Posted by MUsoxfan View Post
They can create all the ad campaigns they want, but at the end of the day, marketing starts when people get to the front door. If people immediately walk in to the scowls of unfriendly employees at the gate and throughout the ballpark, it's much less likely they'll make a return trip
I've been to hundreds, probably well over a 1,000 Sox games at home. I have never seen negative attitudes (or "scowls") from the employees. Of course, I'm not a prima donna who expects the gate employees to greet me by name, compliment me on my haircut, ask how the family is doing, offer to escort me to my seat, get my food and drink for me or perform other "favors" to make sure I'm happy.

I guess you're just talking generally the gate (and other employees) should be welcoming but are not talking specifically about how it is to attend a Sox game.