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Originally Posted by MUsoxfan View Post
Sure, lots more people will go if the team is winning. Nobody is disputing that

In marketing, you have to go in assuming the team will suck. There's endless competition for your dollar in this city and every city. People tend to spend money where they feel welcome.

If you go to a restaurant and the staff acts surly and acts though it's a hassle to give you their mediocre food, you probably aren't going back even though it's right in your neighborhood and you like the idea of supporting it.

The same can be said for pro sports teams. If you're a casual fan of a sports team, you're gonna want to support them. However, if once you get there, they treat you like an inconvenience and put out a sub-par product (both on the field and behind the counter), you'll most likely rethink if you want to repeat that experience the next time you have a pocket full of cash.

I've been to events all over the country as many on this board have. I can't think of a team with a more unfriendly customer experience than this team. Even in this city, the experience at the UC and at Wrigley are heads and shoulders above the Cell.

I understand the "neighborhood agreement" when it comes to employment and whatnot, but there's no reason to use that as an excuse to not try and improve.

The most clever commercials from the best ad agencies can only do so much if you're going to provide a generally ****ty experience when you're lucky enough to have casual fans give you their hard-earned money

I know I seem like lunatic to people on this board. But people on this board are not the people the Sox are trying to reach. We're gonna go regardless of anything less than the Sox have people actually spit in our faces on the way in the gates.

They need to draw in casual fans. Outright complacency within the organization is actively prohibiting that from happening, unless the Sox are in first place all year long.
You're right that customer service is very important. I think there are a lot of fans that have a negative experience and for the casual fan, that could cause them to not come back. That being said, the biggest draw for sports teams is winning. If you are winning and going to the playoffs, you're going to see crowds like we did in 2005 and 2006. Sustain that success for a while and you'll build a big legion of fans. If you just hit it here and there, it's tough to build that legion of fans up.

With that commercial, great job!