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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post

For a team expected to compete in 2014 and needs a capable, if unspectacular, leadoff hitter, De Aza is more valuable. For a team looking to gain more from a developmental standpoint than from a wins and losses standpoint in 2014, Viciedo is more valuable.
I don't see the developmental value. He's a one dimensional player who is no good at the one dimension. Unless you are looking for a hack left fielder, Viciedo is useless. DeAza has actual value, any team could use him. Viciedo has no value on defense, on the bases, or at the plate. He has purported potential value as a homerun hitter, and that's it. Major league rosters aren't generally built on unfulfilled, hypothetical value. And yes, we have Eaton, but again, he is unproven and could easily flop, and who's the number two hitter anyway? I don't see one, other than DeAza. Let's look at it in the context of the Sox? Who is playing left? Either V or D...I think I'll go with the one who is the better hitter, defender and baserunner. Eaton doesn't make DeAza redundant, unless you have another quality OFer I'm unaware of to play left. Last I checked Eaton is slated for CF.

The difference in salary is almost a non-issue, considering the Sox are operating well below their budget and neither are signed past this season
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