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Originally Posted by Chez
I would make that trade in a heartbeat -- except Keppinger still can't throw and is likely going to start the season on the DL. If they have any interest, I'm sure NYY will wait to see if Keppinger's shoulder heals.
I would do that trade in a heartbeat, too. The only problem is that I don't think Brian Cashman would. The White Sox would probably have to pay at least half that contract to move Keppinger, especially to a team that is over the luxury tax cap already. Jeff Keppinger would cost the Yankees $4.95 million this year ($4 million salary - Cervelli's $700K salary + $1.65 million tax penalty on the $3.3 million difference) and $6.5 million next year ($4.5 million salary + $2 million tax penalty) if the White Sox provide no financial relief. I don't see any way Cashman signs up for that unless the Yankees suffer a season-ending injury to someone in Spring Training. Even in that situation, I would only see Keppinger as an extreme last resort for them.
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