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I try to give Rongey the benefit of doubt, because years of taking on-air calls after ballgames would drive nearly anyone to loathe a significant segment of a team's fan base. Some guys would try to hide it more than he does.

He cut his teeth when the Sox had a damn good team, and the pants pissers calling back then were pretty delusional in identifying what was or wasn't wrong with the Sox. I think that's when he got into the habit of cutting people off if they expressed anything but homer sentiments. Now that the team has had a brutal run, more often than not he's the one who sounds delusional or disingenuous.

We've all had jobs that, for whatever reason, start to bring out the worst in us. When that happens, we owe it to ourselves to make a change before the worst takes over. Rongey sounds like a guy who hates his job. He'd do himself and the listeners a big favor by finding another one.
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