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Originally Posted by My_Sox_Summer View Post
Ok, maybe you wrote that wrong but what you said above is- "I suspect people that go to Soxfest aren't the same as people who go to games". Now you say they go all the time. Ha, it is just confusing to me. No worries. They are going back to the Hyatt next year, don't think they will lower prices though.
Yeah, sorry, I was confusing - what I mean is "the demographics of people who go to SoxFest aren't the same as the demographics of all people that go to games". Like, people at SoxFest (and people here, for that matter) aren't just a randomly selected group of people who go to games, they're generally much more committed. So, just because something goes over really well at SoxFest, it doesn't mean that it's guaranteed to go over as well among less hardcore fans at the actual games. I think things go the other way, too - I suspect the 83 uniforms are probably more popular among the fanbase as a whole than they are with the SoxFest/WSI fanbase.

As for SoxFest, it's actually moving to the Hilton Chicago, but, yes, I'm sure it won't get any cheaper.
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