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Originally Posted by Tragg
Maybe some of our backups.
No reason to use real resources on a backup catcher.
And I disagree with above - you should be able to get a backup catch for De Aza or Beckham. You won't get a real prospect catcher for one of those guys, though, unless they're having strong years and it's July (which is probably what we should wait to do rather than going for a backup now).
I agree that De Aza or Beckham can get you a backup-quality catcher, but if a trade is only going to bring back a backup-quality catcher anyway, then why bother? We already have two of those under contract. Replacing bad with slightly less bad isn't worth making a trade, unless the catcher being acquired makes next to nothing, and the other team will be OK with paying the $4 million or so difference in salary. Like you say, I would rather just wait until July and see if either player can up his value with a halfway decent first half. As for Keppinger, he has no trade value at all right now, so it's pointless to even discuss him.
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